Mar 13th 註意:重要提示!!!請勿將您的SSH密碼設置的過於簡單

我們在最近的工單中發現購買流量重置的客戶增加, 我們通過服務器日誌的分析,發現大量的客戶主機被駭客攻擊滲透, 淪為駭客DDos、CC攻擊的肉雞工具!!! 原因在於客戶主機使用了弱口令密碼導致被輕易的暴力破解, 有些客戶2000G的月流量,短短幾天就被... Read More »

Jan 3rd Terms of Service/註冊購買必讀

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy Support All our services are strictly self-managed. While we maintain the ideal working condition of our servers and network, we do not manage or offer support for customer's specific use of our services. In other words, we do not assist with installing and configuring applications, ... Read More »